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All-In-One Sunday School Volume 2: When You Have Kids of All Ages in One Classroom

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All-In-One Sunday School Volume 2: When You Have Kids of All Ages in One Classroom
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Discover 13 fun, Bible-based programs full of creative ideas for classes with kids ages 4 to 12. You'll save time and money--just gather a few common, inexpensive items, photocopy the handouts, and you're ready to teach creative Bible lessons your kids will love.

Each Sunday school lesson comes complete with:

- Active-learning experiences: Catch kids' interest and teaches them lessons they'll remember
- Interactive Bible stories: Helps even the youngest kids grasp the real meaning of Scripture
- Life applications: Encourages children to use what they've learned
- Take-home handouts: Make it easy for children to share what they've learned with their family
- And more: Tips to help you better understand kids

BONUS: You'll also discover how to help kids of multiple ages work together as a team...learn what to expect from different age groups...and be able to give young children the extra attention they crave while helping older children feel special as they help younger children learn.

Use All-in-One Sunday School: Volume 2 any time you want to teach meaningful Bible lessons to kids of different ages--in the same class. You'll be ready no matter who shows up!

The All-in-One Sunday School Series offers four volumes, one for each season of the year beginning with fall:

-All-in-One Sunday School Volume 1: Fall (9780764449444)
-All-in-One Sunday School Volume 2: Winter (9780764449451)
-All-in-One Sunday School Volume 3: Spring
-All-in-One Sunday School Volume 4: Summer

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