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Blank Slate: Write Your Own Rules for a 22nd-Century Church Movement

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Blank Slate: Write Your Own Rules for a 22nd-Century Church Movement
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The church must get "unstuck" from its current context in order to address the context of younger generations; otherwise, it will not be relevant to younger people and will die with the older generations. As an example, a letter from the Younger Generations to Baby Boomers: Dear Baby Boomers, Thank you for all you've done, but I don't want your church. I want you, our relationship, our engagement, but not your church structure and outdated assumptions. Signed, The Younger Generations Blank Slate guides leaders to envision, and actually design, the future church. The authors start by describing each generational group currently living in the US, helping readers understand the varied context of people in every age group. Next, they explore five innovative secular organizations, drawing sharp lessons for the church. The last section includes a seven-step process for ministry leaders to engage current and upcoming generations. This book, with questions for individual and group reflection in each chapter, is a powerful planning tool for ministry teams. "In a time when so many of us want a blueprint for how to do ministry in a rapidly changing world, McIntosh, Smothers, and Smothers hand us a pencil and tell us to draw it ourselves. God has entrusted us to be the designers and visionaries for a new way. Blank Slate is the guide that you and your team need to design a new future together." -Jacob Armstrong, pastor, Providence Church, Mt. Juliet, TN
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