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Blessed Endurance: Moving Beyond Despair to Hope

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Blessed Endurance: Moving Beyond Despair to Hope
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Where is God when we are hurting or in despair? How can we respond faithfully to situations that cause us pain? Where can we find hope even when we feel hopeless? Pain, despair, and struggle are part of life, and they test our character as God's people. John Wimmer approaches these challenges to our faith realistically and thoughtfully. Although we can't always understand or control many things that happen to us, we can choose how we will respond to them. Wimmer encourages us to view difficulties as opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Rather than diminishing faith, pain and despair can lead to greater trust in God. To endure through such times is a blessing. This inspiring book offers practical help for moving from pain and despair to the blessing of hope. Wimmer reminds readers that with hope we also have faithnot the false belief that our lives will be pain-free, but true faith that God will lead us through our struggles to deeper levels of spiritual growth and wisdom.
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