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Social Injustice



Social Injustice


For the Glory of God

For The Glory of God Starbucks Cup

Thursday, February 11, 2016

1 Corinthians 10:31
Common English Bible (CEB)

Sackcloth, Ashes and our Eternal Souls


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  • Questions from Confirmands Series Pt. 1

    Welcome to part one of the blog series Questions from Confirmands. These are questions that confirmands are asking. Nope, they're not made up. This is the real deal. I've done my best to answer these questions correctly, which in some cases has meant consulting with other United Methodist Lay Ministers and Pastors. Without further ado, the questions:

    Cross And Flame

    The Emmaus Obscurity

    The Road To Emmaus

    The Emmaus Obscurity

    Did you hear the one about the disciples on the road that leads to Emmaus? They were walking along and talking about the incredible things that had happened. I think it might have sounded something like this:

    Disciple 1: "Can you believe this story the women are telling about Jesus?"

    Disciple 2: "It's wild! Pretty much beyond belief!"

    The Emmaus Obscurity

    Encounter on the Emmaus road

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  • Let Go and Let God?

    Tough decisions are easy to mull over and, some would say, "let go and let God." While that is a lovely sentiment, we are people of action in God's name. In the book of Ezra, chapter 10, Ezra laments and prays for the sins of God's people. In the middle of his desperate pleas and confessions, he is interupted by Shecaniah, one of the very people that he is agonizing over. Shecaniah confesses for all of God's people that they have been unfaithful and sinned greatly. Then he says something to Ezra that might seem a little surprising.

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