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CATCH Revised Kit

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CATCH Revised Kit
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Do you sometimes feel that you're spinning your wheels trying to attract visitors and welcome them into your church? Help is on the way. 

Catch is a comprehensive program for invitational evangelism developed by the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, one of the fastest-growing churches in the U.S. This newly revised and updated resource shows you how to attract visitors to your church, connect them with your faith community, and help them learn to know, love, and serve God. The Catch program has three phases: 

Planning Phase

Using the Program Guide with DVD-ROM, the pastor and church leaders learn about the program, then set a vision and plan for using it in their congregation. 

Teaching Phase

Four-week period to get church members on board through small groups and worship. Small-Group Participant Book and Small-Group DVD with Leader Guide will help get the congregation informed and excited about the new evangelism effort. 

Implementation Phase 

Using the Implementation Guide, church teams carry out the plan. This guide includes step-by-step directions for changing church culture and beginning to invite and welcome people outside the church. 

This kit contains everything you need to get started with this program: 

Program Guide with DVD-ROM 
Small-Group Participant Book 
Small-Group DVD with Leader Guide 
Implementation Guide

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