Jesus: Myth, Madman or Messiah - 5 CD Set

Jesus: Myth, Madman or Messiah - 5 CD Set
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No one has had a greater impact upon history,yet Jesus remains an enigma. Conservatives and liberals each make Jesus into their image. Meanwhile skeptics question whether he ever lived. Christianity affirms that he was the divine Son of God. Others believe he was merely a man. Many have questions.

This five part series of sermon messages considers the claims of early Christians, listens to the questions raised by earnest skeptics, and seeks to understand who the Jesus of history really was.

January 5, 2014 - Searching for the 'Historical' Jesus
January 12, 2014 - The Humanity of Jesus
January 19, 2014 - Did Jesus Really Say That?
January 26, 2014 - The Meaning of Christ's Death
February 2, 2014 - Who Do You Say that I Am?

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