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The Invisible Riptide: Volume 1

The Invisible Riptide: Volume 1

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The Invisible Riptide is a story of hope, healing, and connection. The book is a tool for all ages and is filled with meaningful life lessons. The illustrations are as powerful as the words, leaving room for the subconscious to show us a way towards achieving real health and balance. This is the first installment in a series of books for children, adolescents, and parents that provides guidance and normalizes the emotional experience that we all have but do not necessarily discuss.

The book follows the story of Stella, who wakes up with whirling and swirling feelings in her belly and doesn't know why. It seems that no one can explain it. Stella ultimately goes to see a therapist - or feelings doctor - who helps her understand the whirling swirling feelings in her belly are her body's emotional thermometer.

The whirling swirling feelings are her emotional riptide. She realizes that not only can she feel this riptide on the inside, but she can also feel the emotional current of those around her. She discovers how to have emotional safety - the ability to identify her feelings, express them, and have them validated. Through Stella's journey, readers learn that health and well-being are supported through deep connection with others and by owning one's feelings.

This impactful story gives children the language to explain their feelings to build the necessary skills to surf the riptide of their emotions. It is meant to be read to children by parents, coaches, counselors, and any adult who works with children.