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Choose Wisely, Live Fully: Lessons from the Book of Proverbs

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The Book of Proverbs is a gold mine of divine wisdom. Author and speaker Donna Gaines applies that wisdom in very practical ways to the issues women face. Choose Wisely, Live Fully examines the blessings and curses associated with the choices made by the two women in Proverbs: Wisdom and Folly. Gaines harnesses her two passions--discipleship and literacy--to challenge women of all ages to become "biblically literate." Biblical illiteracy makes us vulnerable to influences that do not represent biblical truth. This book is a wonderful discipleship tool that will help equip you to: discern the voice of God and follow His path (the path of Wisdom instead of the path of Folly); experience the joy of wholehearted obedience; and let God help you mentor the lives around you in remarkable ways.

Exploring the timeless counsel of God's Word, Choose Wisely, Live Fully is your invitation to embark on the transforming journey of faithfulness as you seek God and boldly choose the path that leads to life.

I love the Book of Proverbs. It weaves deep theology with the kind of practical handles a guy like me needs every single day. That's also why I love Choose Wisely, Live Fully. Donna Gaines does a great job balancing the unvarnished truth of Scripture with real-life application. That powerful combination can change your life--and the lives of those you love.

--Dave Ramsey, best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host

Donna Gaines writes in a way that allows the reader to absorb profound truth deep into the heart, mind, and soul. She is a modern-day Deborah, declaring the Scriptures as the ultimate source of wisdom for every woman who dares to choose a life of no regrets. You will come away from these pages with full confidence in the love and sovereignty of God.

--Diane Strack, speaker, teacher, co-founder of Student Leadership University, and author of New Start for Single Moms, Quiet Influence, and co-author of Good Kids Who Do Bad Things

Choose Wisely, Live Fully
creates a beautiful launching pad from which women can not only learn but also share biblical truths that have the capacity to change their lives and the lives of generations to come. Donna and her daughters share personal stories and godly wisdom that bring the book of Proverbs alive. A teacher at heart, Donna, skillfully equips women with practical tools to help those we love choose the path that leads to the abundant life Jesus promises. The path that will fill them with godly confidence, self-worth, purpose, and direction.

--Wendy Blight, Author and writer for the Proverbs 31 Ministries First 5 app

The Book of Proverbs is a book of wisdom that I have studied my entire life. Author Donna Gaines takes the lessons of Proverbs and gives anointed, spirit-filled insight on discipleship. Choose Wisely, Live Fully is a book that helps us to understand the wisdom of Proverbs and how to apply it to our everyday lives. This discipleship tool will challenge you personally and will strengthen you to mentor others to walk in wisdom.

--Ellen Olford, Director of Women, Central Church

Every choice we make has a correlating eternal consequence. In her powerful book, Choose Wisely, Live Fully, Donna Gaines challenges us in a fresh way to make wise decisions, choices that glorify God and yield blessings. Using the two women in Proverbs, Wisdom and Folly, she stirs within us a robust desire to walk in absolute obedience to the Word of God. This book is a must read for women who are ready to be stirred and changed; when you reach the last page, you will not be the same.

--Dayna Street, Women's Ministry Director, Bellevue Baptist Church

Donna Gaines is a woman of the Word! In Choose Wisely, Live Fully, we are shown how to walk in obedience to the Lord and His Word in a world that is trying to pull us in the opposite direction. Donna offers practical ways on how to pursue a life of holiness and guides us in how to make wise choices in our everyday life. I look forward to using this book as a resource with discipleship groups in the future.

--Kandi Gallaty, Co-Author of Foundations

Choose Wisely, Live Fully by Donna Gaines is an eye-opening window to Proverbs for today's generation. Donna's teaching, inspired through the Holy Spirit, is simply stated yet life changing. I personally have read through the Book of Proverbs more times than I can count, however, Donna's insights have given me a brand-new perspective with applications I had never considered. She has a gift of bringing truths to a new light, and that light points straight to our Creator.

--Shari Falwell

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