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Christian Believer Leader's Guide

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Christian Believer Leader's Guide

The leader guide provides two kinds of information: (1) suggestions for weekly group sessions; (2) information to enhance leadership skills, to support group building and maintenance, and to make effective use of the CHRISTIAN BELIEVER components.

A one-page session plan for each of the thirty weeks follows a set procedure with an amount of time indicated for each step.  Each session plan provides guidance for group activities that make use of the daily preparation members have made, and questions for discussion.  Group activities are designed to focus on content and help persons connect Scripture, doctrine, believing, and living.

The leader guide assumes that:

  • The leader makes the same preparation for the weekly group session as the other members of the group.
  • Study and discussion in the weekly session is done mainly in small groups.
  • The leader both guides the process and participates with other group members in the small-group study and discussion.
  • The leader is not an information-giver or lecturer.
  • The leader and the group members have access to the same content for study and discussion—the assigned Scripture, selections from the book of Readings, the study manual, and the video presentations.
  • A study of CHRISTIAN BELIEVER can renew lives and congregations.