Are your goals too small? Are you living the "just get by" plan? Or is there a greater "God dream" for you that, if lived to the fullest, could permeate and inform every move you make?

Dare to Dream is a startling and inspiring program by popular author and pastor Mike Slaughter that draws on the Bible and a lifetime of ministry to help us discern God's dream for us and learn to live it out, prayerfully and enthusiastically. Participants will learn how to develop a life mission statement that helps them fully commit to a God-directed lifestyle.

Chapters include:

  • Dreaming the Dream - Wake up to God's dream inside you.
  • Discovering Your Birthright - You were created with a purpose.
  • Your Burning Bush - Be aware of those illuminating God moments in your life.
  • Lose Your Big Buts - Allow God's strength to be displayed in your weakness.
  • What Is in Your Hand - Identify and utilize the ordinary gifts God has given you.
  • Perseverance - Discover a dream for your life far greater than your own.
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