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Daring to Dance Again

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Daring to Dance Again

Daring to Dance Again: Pearls of Wisdom for a Soul-Filled Life is a compilation of personal stories - sad and joyful, painful and funny. They are also universal stories that speak to our common humanity. The stories embrace our fallibilities and our weaknesses. They show us at our lowest moments. They also shine a light, showing the way. The author hopes these stories, in some small way, will help others embrace God and His heavenly and earth angels who are there to lift us up.

Life is full of journeys that we did not choose to make. Some journeys - divorce, cancer, death - choose us. They test our faith. Yet it is faith, along with the love of others that save us.

Each chapter of Daring to Dance Again will elicit different emotions, and each chapter concludes with "A Pearl of Wisdom," a bit of inspiration the author has gleaned from her life. Together these stories will resonate with readers who have dealt with divorce, grief, and loss, a serious illness, or any other challenge in life. And it will leave them with a renewed faith in God and a sense of hope.

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