Is your women's ministry in need of refreshment? Perhaps a remodel? Or even a complete redesign? Or maybe you're just getting started. No matter where you are in ministry, this resource will move you toward success. This workbook will guide you, step by step, through best practices in shaping a ministry that draws women closer to God and each other. As you use this book you'll:

- Create a Bible-based mission statement--and effectively use it to shape your ministry.

- Lighten your load as you invite others into leadership. (Personality assessments to help you work as a
strong team are included.)

- See your ministry grow as you discover how to promote your ministry to your church and community.

- Reach and connect women of all ages and life stages.

- And so much more!

You can use this book by yourself--but for best results, get a copy for each person on your leadership team
and walk through it together!

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