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Isaiah is hailed as the greatest of the Hebrew prophets. He was also the single most influential prophet for early Christians. Jesus’ ministry was shaped by his reading of Isaiah, and the early Church understood Jesus to be fulfillment of Isaiah’s messianic prophecies. During this series recorred during Lent 2005, Reverend Hamilton leds us through a study of this great prophet's writings, helping us understand the historical context of Isaiah, the major themes of the prophet and the life and work of Jesus through the lens of Isaiah.

During each of the five weeks of this audio series, we seek to hear God’s word for our lives as we see how Isaiah’s timeless message relates to us today. 

February 27, 2005: Isaiah’s Difficult Message 
March 6, 2005: On Eagle’s Wings 
March 13, 2005: Worship and the Life We Live 
March 20, 2005: The Suffering Servant 
March 27, 2005: The Triumph of God

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