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The New Testament is the world's most influential collection of writings. The stories are profoundly rich, mysterious, and beautiful. And for Christians, these books change everything. 

In the first four sermons in this five-part video set, Reverend Adam Hamilton costumed as the Apostle John, leads us through an exploration of the politics, history, and scholarship of this period in time. In the first sermon, John - at age 35 - tells the stories of the Gospels and their writers. Week two brings John - now age 55 - to tell the story of the early church from the book of Acts. In the third week, John - now age 70 - tells of writing his epistles. And in the week fourth, John - now age 95 and exiled to the island of Patmos - tells of the writing of his revelation. In the final disc of the set, Reverend Hamilton walks us through an overview of the New Testament, its chronology and themes and the geography of the Holy Land.

Through the first-person stories of John, Reverend Hamilton encourages us to see the New Testament with fresh eyes. Whether you are hearing these stories for the first or hundredth time, this unique series of sermons will enrich your understanding and bring them alive in a way you will not soon forget.

April 29, 2007: The Gospels 
May 6, 2007: The Acts of the Apostles 
May 13, 2007: The Epistles 
May 20, 2007: The Apocalypse of John 
April 22, 2007: The New Testament in 30 Minutes

The fourth DVD in the set includes footage of the transformation of Adam into John.

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