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Kingdom Moments and Movements, A Daring How -To Guide for Launching Spark of Heaven

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Kingdom Moments and Movements, A Daring How -To Guide for Launching Spark of Heaven

Do you rush from one day to the next, barely stopping to enjoy the goodness of God in your life?

Do you want to believe your life matters...but if you're honest, you feel like God has forgotten about you?

Do you ever feel like you've blown it - like you've missed your moment or messed up God's plan?

Kingdom Moments and Movements is your guide to tracing the hand of God at work in each moment of your life - the everyday moments and the life-defining ones, the good ones and the bad.

As you learn how to pay attention to the invitations of God intersecting with your day-to-day life, you will gain a fresh perspective on the significance of your life and develop the discernment to:

 Map Your Past: Pause to notice God's gracious presence in your past, helping you connect the dots of your story, be reassured that nothing has happened by accident, and release shame, fear, and regret around missed opportunities.

 Maximize Today and Tomorrow: Tune into the ways the Kingdom intersects with your everyday life, so you can uncover your purpose, maximize your moments, and turn them into movements of God.

Whether you're in a transformational moment - those turning points that change everything - or the rhythms of going to work and raising a family, Kingdom Moments and Movements will help you see divine sparks everywhere you look, so you can savor each day, say "yes" to God-sent moments, and truly live life to the fullest - without regret and connected to your Kingdom purpose.

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