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Where will you find your next team of capable, committed leaders for your congregation?

Churches across the country search for committed people with a heart for ministry, people who are ready to use their gifts in the ministries of the church. Your best potential leaders may already be in your congregation.

This resource, used as a study tool or a desk reference, will help men and women in the church find the tools, direction and inspiration they need to become the best leaders they can be.

Leadership Essentials offers practical skills, worksheets, and practice exercises in areas including:

What Kind of Leader Will You Be?
Making Disciples
Building and Sustaining Teams
Meetings that Work
Developing Vision, Mission, and Values Statements
Strategic Planning
Effective Communication 
Managing Conflict 
Leading Change and Encouraging Innovation
Developing the Next Generation of Leaders 
Keeping It All in Perspective

Leadership Essentials
offers direction distilled from years of experience in a church known for its vibrant lay leadership. With tested and real-life techniques from COR's leadership development team, this book can be used by individuals as a continual study or by topic or by groups who are working together to build their leadership skills.


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