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Recruitment & Training

Leadership from the Heart is a 10-week study resource for small groups, designed to recruit active volunteers to step up and become lay leaders by promoting the concept of "Servant Leadership".

Instead of the secular concept of leadership, which appeals to ego and ambition for power, Leadership from the Heart calls Christians to leadership by appealing to their desire to help others.

Participants are trained to -

  • Develop their own spiritual practices
  • Care for those they lead
  • Renew the church from within
  • Grow to spiritual maturity
  • Each class session is built around - Head, Heart, and Hands. Class content includes background material, group sharing, and action steps.

    The issues covered throughout the series include servant leadership, spiritual disciplines, maturity, spiritual gifts, calling, God's purpose for your life, transformation of individuals and community, team building, and team leading.

    Includes a Leaders Guide, with plans for all 10 sessions plus the student book content, and a DVD with promotional material and ten 10-minute video segments to open each class session.

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