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There is one issue that’s on everyone’s minds today: the economy. Fears of defaults in Europe, continued high unemployment in America, stock market jitters that leave huge gyrations in the markets, home prices that continue to decline and an economy that seems to sputter along the edge of recession – they all leave pundits and politicians grasping for answers.

These are times that require wisdom and courage in our personal lives. These are times when rediscovering sound financial practices is the only way to have financial peace. In this three-part video sermon, Reverend Adam Hamilton encourages us to onsider these practices. We’ll hear from financial planners and learn from experts in the field, but most importantly, we’ll turn to the Bible to listen for its principles for how we practice financial wisdom. And in so doing, we’ll discover serenity and joy in the face of ongoing economic challenges.

October 23, 2011      Living the Blessed Life
October 30, 2011      The Courage and Discipline to Be Free
November 6. 2011    The Secret of Happiness

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