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Resurrection Window: Vision, Creation, Mission

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Resurrection Window: Vision, Creation, Mission

For more than 2.000 years, the interaction of light and color in stained glass has told sacred stories and created a sense of reverence, wonder and awe for worshippers. This is the story of one such interaction, but this one is of profound size—The Resurrection Window, a magnificent work of art that combines techniques from the seventh century with the technology of the twenty-first century.  

This book details the journey of this two year-long effort. Using vivid narrative and hundreds of detailed, richly colored images, The Resurrection Window: Vision, Creation, Mission follows the making of the 100-foot-wide stained glass masterpiece . . . from concept to its installation as the focal point of the sanctuary of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

From the sanctuary’s soaring roofline, to the generous use of native limestone and natural wood, to the symbolism of the building’s striking exterior, the book explores how every element in the innovative design provides a most-appropriate setting for the breathtaking window.

We invite you to enter this story. Meet the collaborative visionaries, learn of the design process, see the development of innovative glass techniques, and discover how an interplay of story, color, and light can transport you into the presence of God.

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