This shower tag was designed and distributed to our congregation as a part of sermon on baptism. The plastic tag comes with a stretch plastic loop to enable you to hang it over your shower head to provide a daily reminder that you are a child of God.

The full text of the tag reads:

Lord, as I enter the water to bathe, I remember my baptism. Wash me by your grace. Fill me with your Spirit. Renew my soul. I pray that I might live as your child today, and honor you in all that I do.

Shower tags are sold in packages of 100 tags and loops ready for you to assemble. 

Price at quantities of 100 is equal to 69 cents per tag.

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I received my order of 100 shower prayer tags today and I am thrilled with them! The plastic is solid so it will not be damaged by the water, the tag itself is long enough to get around the shower head, and the design and type is beautiful.

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