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This five-part series of audio messages centers on several of the most well known of the stories that Jesus told. These "parables" are stories that spoke to the relentless love of God, and the meaning and purpose of life. Jesus spoke of good Samaritans, prodigal children, rich fools and unforgiving servants, lost sheep and sprouts that were choked out by weeds. With each story he answered the questions we ask in life. Jesus' parables changed his hearers 2,000 years ago. They still have the power to change our lives today.

April 15, 2012 – Making Life Count
April 22, 2012 – The Relentless Love of God
April 29, 2012 – The Necessity of Forgiveness (Reverend Molly Simpson)
May 13, 2012 – The Meaning of Love
May 20, 2012 – Exercises in Missing the Point

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