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He was born in a backwater town to an unwed mother. He announced a kingdom yet to come. He sought those society rejected. He had compassion for the broken. He healed the sick. He upset the establishment, convicted the powerful and brought hope to the hopeless. So many portraits . . . so many perceptions . . . Who Is This Man? 

He shaped Western civilization and changed the course of history. Two billion people claim to follow him. But what do you really know about Jesus Christ? This series leads us to strip away layers of perception and misperception and get to know Jesus as he was seen by his earliest biographer – Luke. Luke’s account of Jesus’ life was based upon eyewitness accounts of those who actually knew Jesus when he walked on this earth. You may be surprised by the portrait of Jesus that emerges in this six-part video series.

January 3, 2010 What Kind of Sign?
January 10, 2010 The Kingdom of God
January 17, 2010 Friends in Low Places
January 24, 2010 The Healing Ministry of Jesus
January 31, 2010 Building Your House on the Rock
February 7, 2010 The Enemies Jesus Made

Bonus Material:
The Gospel of Luke is ripe with stories, places and characters – far more than can be covered in the time available for this series. For each of the first five weeks of this series, Reverend Hamilton hosted a “Cutting Room Floor” session following the Sunday evening service each week during this series in order to explore additional topics and information.  These sessions are included on each disc.

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